July 29th sailing

My friends and I are taking this cruise as a celebration of a 50th Birthday and an adoption of an adorable 3 yr old. Due to the timing of the adoption we had to switch over to the Family riverboat adventure and I was wondering the age range of the other 50 kids on the cruise.


  • I am going with my Mom and sister, my daughter and my sister's son are both 10. I have a feeling the ages will be the older spectrum, the last family Adventure we took with Tauck the kids were aged 6 to 18, but we had a lot of walking to do as well. In any event, my daughter will probably fawn over the 3 year old - she loves little kids and dotes over them :)
  • Conner is a cutie and so far has all the ladies eating out of his hands, I'm looking forward to the trip, if for no other reason than to watch the joy on his face as he experiences new things, he has spent most of his 3 years in a Chinese orphanage so he does not speak a lot but he still manages to make everyone love him.
  • I just checked and the recommended minimum age for this tour is 8 years old. I am a mother and grandmother. I certainly would not want to take a three year old on an expensive tour like this because I think no one including the child will get full benefit from it. You will surely have to miss out some of the tours. How wonderful to be able to adopt a child but I truly think a vacation less structured would be more suitable. When we travelled with our children to foreign lands, and they were older than this, we always structured what we called a day for us then a day for them itinerary, example, a tour of a chateau one day, a day of fun by the pool or similar the next. That way, we all had great memories and did not feel exhausted at the end of it. I hope you will be OK on this tour.
  • Hi - I will be on this trip with my husband and twin daughters - age 14 - who will just have finished their freshman year of high school. We are from Chicopee, Massachusetts and looking forward to having a great time!!
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