Venice, Florence,Rome. September 11. Question on attire

On information for evening attire for men it says Jacket is optional. But then again it says some restaurants require men to wear a sports jacket. I just don't know what to do. Tauck says however you are comfortable. Anyone who has been in this trip or going, etc any suggestions is appreciated


  • The packing guidance talks about "finer restaurants". Are you likely to chose that or are you someone who's going to go find the nearest inexpensive casual eatery? Do you want to be able to dress up a bit for the welcome/farewell dinners? My husband has a lightweight silk blend sport coat that can be folded up in the airline overhead bin (thereby not wasting packing space) and he throws it on when needed for dressiness or warmth. It's was a fairly inexpensive jacket and the blend means the wrinkles shake out pretty well.

    It's optional, but having one gives you flexibility.

  • I am really curious about what some men pack. I just recently did a tour and added two days to the beginning and 3 at the end of an 11 day tour. I took sufficient shirt, pants etc for daytime plus dress pants, several dress shirts and a jacket and still had lots of room in my luggage. Taking a jacket and dress pants should not be a big deal and my experience is most guys want to fit in with the crowd.
  • My husband and I just returned from Italian Lakes, Venice, Florence, Rome a few weeks ago. We had a great time. It was cool when we were there at the end of May, but I expect it was be quite warm in September. Hubby took a sports coat, but he never wore it. He and the other guys wore casual cotton slacks or jeans and sneakers during the day. For evenings and most dinners out, the guys wore nice dark slacks with Polo style golf shorts or long sleeve dress shirts, no tie, and any shoes except sneakers or sandals. No matter where you go, comfortable shoes are important for walking long distances over uneven surfaces and up and down terrain. There is a LOT of walking. Pack an are quite likely to need it eventually.
    The ladies wore casual things for sightseeing, and mainly black pants and nice tops in the evening. We added a bit of sparkle for the welcome and end of trip dinners, but nothing too dressy.
    Have a wonderful time!!!! Tauck is the greatest.
  • People dress up at nicer restaurants in Italy. You will never be turned away in an on-tour restaurant for not wearing a jacket, but you will fit in better with the locals if you have one. It will also give you the flexibility to eat a nicer restaurants on your own.
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