August 6, 2015 Jewish Heritage tour

Hi all.

We will be going on the August 6, 2015 Jewish Heritage tour arriving Warsaw on August 4. Since the tour doesn't start until August 6 at about 6pm, we have all day on the 5th and most of the 6th free. If anyone is arriving early let us know. We will be staying at the tour hotel, Hotel Bristol, the evenings of August 4 and 5. Look us up.

This should be an exciting trip and we look forward to meeting everyone.

We are also staying over a couple of days at the end. Our flight home is not until August 21st. We are staying at the tour hotel, The Mark Luxury Hotel, the night of August 19 but moving to the Holiday Inn at the airport the night of August 20. We will have all day on the 19th and 20th to explore Prague and always enjoy company.

Phylis and Michael, Louisville, KY


  • Phyllis and Michael. You do realize that Tauck will transport you to the airport even though you are staying on for a couple of days as part of the price of the tour. If you move to another hotel they may not do that for you. If you are changing hotel because it is a cheaper option, that's fine, but if not, Tauck will arrange a pick up at a suitable time whatever time your flight leaves. Call them and ask
  • Thanks for your reply and concern. We are staying at an airport hotel the last night to avoid any rush to get to the airport the next morning. Since we are checking out of the Tauck hotel where we will be spending the free night and going to the airport, Tauck will either drive us t the airport where we will take the free shuttle to the hotel or take us to the hotel. We have status with the hotel chain and should get a nice room and breakfast there.

    Are you going on the August 6 tour? We have friends going in May but have not yet met anyone going on the August tour. I suspect as the departure nears that we will see others here.
  • No, not going on the tour, I would love to do this one in the near future, but not this year. How about posting a review on the forum when you return
  • Anyone arriving Warsaw early?

    We arrive at 11:40am on the 4th and are staying at the tour hotel. The tour does not visit the National Gallery of Art or the Jewish Museum. We hope to see both on our own on the 5th and 6th.

    Anyone want to join us?

    Phyllis and Michael

  • Roll Call

    Michael and Phyllis Shaikun from Louisville, Kentucky

    Now who else is going?
  • So far it looks like we are going by ourselves. Here's hoping that others will join the roll call.
  • My husband & I are arriving on the 6th in the afternoon! We, too, will be tacking on an extra night in Prague, but we are staying at the hotel from the tour. Looking forward to meeting you & the rest of the tour!
  • I am traveling with the Jewish Heritage tour in August. I arrive early on the 6th . Think we don't meet the group until dinner. I am definitely interested in the Jewish MUseum.
    Linda Stewart
    Fort Lauderdale , Florida
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