Hudson Valley

Has anyone taken this tour in the last couple of years that would give some input as to your experience? I'm interested in the late August 2017 trip.


  • I took this tour last August. It is a great trip. But it was pretty hot. If you can you might want to go in fall. It would probably be more comfortable.

    Hotels were great. Some people didn't like the hotel in Tarrytown but i thought it was fine.

    If you have specific questions let me know and I will be happy to answer them.

  • Thanks Sue! It is a rather expensive tour so I was just wondering if you think you got good value for your money?
  • I always feel that Tauck gives good value. Although this trip is expensive, the hotels are really great and you are getting many meals plus the services of a great tour director and local guides. You could not do this trip yourself for the same money if you stayed at the same hotels.

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