Sea sickness?

Does anyone know how much movement is felt when on board the shop? I'm suceptable to motion sickness and would like to be prepared if necessary. Is there a time of year that is more calm than others?


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    The Le Ponant (like all modern cruise ships) have stabilizers that keep things pretty smooth. We took a Windstar ship (even smaller) in the Mediterranean some years ago and found the motion very gentle. We saw a little bit of chop, but no really heavy seas. However, when cruise docks are not available, they may bring you into port on small tenders. While these rides are short, they will be some motion. I'm not sure of your susceptibility, but if you have a history of motion sickness, I would come prepared. They do have a doctor on board, but using them would be an extra fee.

    Here's what the cruise line says:

    Our sisterships are fitted with fin stabilizers that adapt to the movements of the ship. This system compensates for the pitching and rolling to offer great stability. Guests who suffer from sea sickness usually have greatly reduced symptoms and are often surprised to find that the ship’s motion does not bother them.
  • Clee,
    My husband and I took this tour in June. There was significant rocking and rolling. The first night, they kept us docked until 0400 or so to avoid the swells. A number of people became sea sick and the last night even the luggage was moving around the room.
    The Le Ponant does not have stabilizers. I am prone to motion sickness but used the patch and didn't have a problem. The doctor on the ship was suggesting these to passengers.
    I have to say the crew of the Le Ponant are excellent. The captain worked very well with our Tour Directors to make sure we experienced the entire itinerary, although they missed it up a bit.
    We had a great time. You can never tell what the weather or water conditions will be. Just be prepared and you should be fine.
  • We have traveled on several small ships and I am very prone to sea sickness. I was armed with Bonine which I took daily plus ginger gum and candied ginger. There was swaying and rocking and I was just fine. Local pharmacies have the gum and it works quite well
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