January 31, 2017 tour to Antarctica

My wife and I are on this trip. We arrive January 26. Anyone else on this trip.


  • Just found this forum, yes, my husband Vincent Martucci and I are going on this tour and we will arrive in BA on 01/30 to the Hilton.

    Finally getting serious about the clothing/packing issue and a few comments have been helpful. Don't think Vinny is taking a jacket for dinner, there's just too much else to pack, concerns being suitcase weight and how wrinkled it would be anyway, and we are trying very hard not to overpack.

    If anyone would like to discuss specifics of packing or make any suggestions, we'd really appreciate it.

    We look forward to meeting the group. Travel safely.
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    My husband Jerry and I (Cheryl)are also on this trip. I agree packing is causing a bit of a problem. Jerry is not bringing a dinner jacket either. Our plane will be flying out of Atlanta around 9 PM Jan 30th if anyone else is on that one.
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    Hi Everyone,

    My name is Heath Wakelee from Rocklin, California (Near Sacramento) and I'll be joining the tour as a single because my wife does not like the cold or the ocean. I'm very much looking forward to landing on my 7th continent and six of those have been with Tauck. After our return to BA I'm headed over to Panama City, Panama to go thru the canal and then spend some time in Panama doing some birding. Any other birders on the trip? I'm not packing a lot so you'll often see me in the same clothes. I no longer care about that. They have a laundry on the ship so why bring a lot of extra clothes/weight/heavy suitcases.... A dinner jacket. Are you serious? I'm bringing a long sleeve shirt. See you soon, Heath
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