Kenya & Tanzania May 13th!?

Hi all,

Just wanting to see if there is anyone out there coming on the Kenya Tanzania trip in a few weeks! Looks like it's not sold out, so we'll be even a smaller group than the small group. My husband and I are celebrating our 20 year anniversary with this trip coming from Miami, Florida! Hope to meet some friendly folks. We did a Tauck tour 10 years ago (Treasures of the Mediterranean) and LOVED it. Hoping to make as many good memories on this one.


  • My wife and I are on this trip as well. We have done quite a lot of travel with Tauck and are looking forward to this Safari. We are arriving a day early and plan on going on a day Safari on May 13. We should be back to the hotel in the late afternoon on the 13th. See you then.
    Bob B.
  • Dwight M. Count me in, traveling solo. Heard such great comments about this trip, had to do it. Will be there a day early also.
  • Hello Dwight and Bob,

    We are also arriving a day early, but due to the fact that we don't internationally travel much we're just going to take it easy and try to recuperate from some of the time change difference. Dwight, we decided on this trip for the same reason . . . the reviews were all so stellar!

    Safe travels,
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