bus access

Taking the Canyonland trip next week and was wondering about access to the bus during the day. Are we permitted to leave anything (backpacks, sweatshirts) on the bus while at the parks and is the bus available to us during the day?


  • Since you're staying in the parks, I don't think the bus will be involved too much when you're in the parks. Generally, when you are on the bus, if the bus stops for an activity or comfort stop, the driver will either be with the bus or will lock the bus. So you can leave things on the bus during the day (but take everything with you at the end of the day). Some of these park trips involve third party vendors who may supply their own transportation to the activities. You should not count on leaving things on the bus in that case. When in doubt, ask the tour director.
  • There were a couple of days when the baggage call was relative early, but the departure was later in the morning because of free time in the park to explore, eat breakfast, or sightsee. On these days the bus was available at baggage call to store your backpacks, sweaters or camera items. The driver remained with the bus during these times.
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