Best time to arrive in New Delhi


I just booked the tour and, like what the itinerary said, I reserved a pre-night at the Leela Palace. As I was looking for flights to New Delhi from LAX, I noticed that some of the arrival times are 8 AM or 10 AM in the morning of my pre-night while some flights arrive early at 2 AM on first day of the itinerary. I would like to ask alums of this trip if its better to arrive during the afternoon or arrive past midnight. Thank you for your input!


  • Arriving in the afternoon is better than arriving late mid night because you can see the city in the evening time and get more time to relax.
  • We arrived at 1:30 AM Wednesday morning (San Francisco to Frankfort to Delhi), and our tour did not start until Friday. We were so glad we got there with two days to acclimate. First, my husband's luggage did not leave Frankfort when we did (and that is with priority tags) and did not arrive until Thursday morning. Secondly, jet lag REALLY hit us hard and we were glad we had Wednesday as a kick -back day (cooking class, pool, etc). On Thursday we hired a driver and had a full day touring on our own. By the time the tour started, we were ready to hit the ground running.
  • We did similar to Joyce, arrived in the early hours and two days early, cooking lesson, pool, massages and chilled out. Others arrived the day before and even the day the tour started and were worn out by halfway throughout this demanding tour, and that was only the shorter Spotlight tour
  • Thanks for replying!

    I think I will reserve for an afternoon arrival on Dec. 20 and hope to join a street food tour that night; if jetlag doesn't get a hold of me first. This will give me Dec. 21 to hire a driver and visit some sites that are not part of the itinerary like the Lodhi Gardens. Crossing my fingers that it will turn out as I planned. Worse case scenario, I'll be asleep at the hotel.
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