Change of hotels isn Kanazawa for April 6 tour 2018

Just received a letter from Tauck stating that the hotel in Kanazawa has been changed to a Crowne Plaza--apparently it is ot as nice as the one listed in the brochure as they are going to refund $250 per person AFTER the tour for this change. Is anyone else concerned about this? Just curious how this happened. We are booked on the April 6, 2018 tour.


  • Changing hotels usually happens from season to season. Sometimes tours on a selected date stay at a different hotel than travelers on all other dates. I have seen this happen often. I have also seen late changes, literally just a few weeks before departure due to a variety of issues like labor disputes, scheduling errors (on the part of the hotel), etc. There are a number of possible reasons for changes any time, everything from a fire or other damage to interruptions in electrical or water service, road closures, etc., etc. Trust Tauck to take care of you.
  • We were on the March 31, 2017, Essence of Japan Tour, and, unlike your notice, we were told of the change of hotel approximately one hour before arriving in this city. To say we were extremely disappointed, is putting it mildly. Although we wrote about this late notice change to an inferior hotel in our required end-of-tour questionnaire, there was no follow-up from Tauck in any matter whatsoever. Consider yourself lucky!
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