My wife and I will be on the December 2017 Antarctica tour. My big concern is that it does not take too much to make sea-sick. I have been told that some (all?) of the waters on this cruise is apt to be rough. I would be interested in hearing from those who have been on this tour: how much of the cruise is apt to have rough waters? Thanks.


  • I took this trip in 2014. The Drake passage is the only portion where there were rough seas. This varies greatly. Some trips are fairly smooth while at other times it can be very rough. You will go through this coming and going to Antarctica. For my trip, it lasted one and one half days each way. Bring medication or a patch for seasickness Even though I felt ill on that part of the trip, Antarctica was well worth it.
  • I was on the Antarctica trip in January 2017. The transit through Drake Passage can be a rough one. I highly recommend you get prescription patches to wear. I do not get seasick but all of the folks who wore patches did not get sick. Those who chose not to wear patches or take oral medication got sick. Not a fun trip if that happens. Take my advice - better safe than sorry.
  • As already said, the Drake passage can (at times) be rough. I was on this trip in January 2017. On the return sail to Ushuaia the sea was "only" 6-8 feet, but the crew thoughtfully put out barf bags on all the hallway railings. My wife & I did not take meds, and did not get sick, but the dining room that night was much less full. If your wife has already experienced seasickness, she should take her meds BEFORE she needs it. She doesn't want to be cooped up in her cabin while the rest of your fellow Taucktorians are setting foot on the 7th continent (and on the ubiquitous penguin poop).

    here is a link to what weather to expect on the passage:

  • Check with your doctor on the Transform-Scop. You are going to need some good seasick meds. Our trip back to South America was right out of the movie "The Perfect Storm"
    Trip of a lifetime but be prepared. I only used the seasick meds twice on our trip but was glad I had them as a backup.
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    I love Tauck and I will soon be on my 34th Tauck tour, but I will always pass on any Antartica tour. I do get seasick bad and I know that there might be medicine for it. However, that said, any really expensive trip (e.g. ocean cruising, Drake Passage/Antartica, etc.) that I would have to take medicine, it is not worth it to me. So I will pass on it. I was on a tour (Maupintour) in the Baltic from Stockholm to Turku, Finland, in 1983, and I was never so sick in my life on that 12 hour trip across the Baltic on a hugh ship with stabilizers. Never again. Sigh. Just saying IMHO. BTW, I am OK on lakes and rivers; I have been on 2 riverboat cruises in France with Tauck and 1 riverboat cruise in France with AMA Waterways without any problems. :-)
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