Where is the MS Treasures docked in Amsterdam?


I'm just trying to get ideas of where might be reasonably close to visit for a few hours when I arrive on Saturday, Oct. 7 before the 4:00 cabin check-in.



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    I just looked this up a few days ago because we'll be arriving early in Amsterdam for our Rhine & Moselle cruise in the spring. The docks are located behind the Central train station. I've also seen others post on river cruise forums that you can generally drop off your luggage early in the afternoon to the boat check-in desk and they will store it for you until the 4pm boarding time.
  • Yes, they dock very close to the central train station so easy to walk to sites like Dam Square (good place to find an ATM) and other points in the central (older) Amsterdam area. Also to catch a tram if you want to go further afield.

    Here is a link to a website I've found useful that has a list of dates, cruise ships and exact docking locations. Only Sep is up right now so you may have to wait a week or two before your's come up Keith.


    The Inspire and Espirit have docking dates this month at ruijterkade oost which is where we caught the Inspire 2 yrs ago on the Rhine/Moselle cruise. It's just east (oost) of the train station. There is a narrow pier that goes out into the Ij and about 6 river cruise ships can dock there at one time. If you go to google maps and type "ruijterkade oost" you'll see the train station. Scroll the map to the right until you see the Double Tree Hilton and the Public Library of Amsterdam. The pier probably won't show unless you switch it to satellite view. Looking at it this morning, the pier looks shorter so I assume they can alter it's capacity depending on the seasons. I know there were at least 6 ships there when we were in Amsterdam.

    And yes, they will let you dump your luggage, give you an idea when your stateroom will be ready, provide refreshments in the main lounge (drinks and snacks) , etc.

    Rick Steve's website has a suggested walking tour route for the central district that's very doable.
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    Hi Claudia,

    I just checked again today and there are still no October listings for the ports. Hopefully soon. It'd be great to have a more detailed itinerary as to the first two days. The tour group is scheduled to visit the Rijksmuseum the day after arrival. My wife and I have been to Amsterdam before and through the Rijksmuseum and so are considering doing something different although we would not want to miss where and when the group is meeting after they are done in the museum, being that they are then doing a canal cruise. We've never been to the Van Gogh museum and so would like to possibly do that either the afternoon of our arrival day or possibly the next day - (when the group is visiitng Rijks.) We'd like to fit Catholic Mass in there somewhere as well and have found several churches. In retrospect, i wish I would have added a pre-day in Amsterdam. I didn't, figuring that we had already spent several days there during another trip. It would have made things much easier and allowed more time.

  • Everything above concerning the location of the cruise dock is true. Amsterdam is a very compact city and easy to walk around. If you are VERY ambitious you can even walk from Dam Square (near the train and cruise dock) to the museums. Its a long walk. Dam square (and the Ritz Carlton Hotel) is the starting point for many of the Viator walking/bus tours if you need an extra guided tour. The VanGogh museum is just across the plaza from the Riks Museum so you can go there while your group is at the Riks. VG is a small but very worthwhile place to visit. A fun tour to consider if you have the time is the Viator walking tour of the Red Light district. It's about 2 hours and is only at night. (LOL)
  • Maybe they only post the current month. Try again Sunday. FYI, calendar dates are listed differently than we are used to seeing in the us.

    On the Rhine/Moselle we did the canal cruise first and museum after. All very close together. You had the option of returning to the ship then or a later pickup if you wanted more time at the museums or the nearby street market. You get alot more details and sometime options once you're on the tour than the itinerary on the website or green book.
  • Plus I know Tauck often has a few 'surprises' in store that you don't find out about until they actually happen. At least that's been our experience with them on land tours. Just checked the cruise port schedule and October is now listed. The Treasures is scheduled to be at berth 6 on our departure day. Only a few more days! Looking forward to it.
  • Best of luck on your cruise. Will be interested to hear your thoughts on it afterwards. It's on our list as a possible next year - although in the opposite direction.
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