Getting ready for upcoming Spotlight trip to Australia (October 19) and planning on getting to Melbourne a day earlier.
Any suggestions for must see sights and eats that will not be covered on the Tauck tour.... ? Anyone going from LAX for this tour? We are super excited?


  • We were on this trip two years ago and hired "The Private Tour Guide" Simon Greenlund to take us down the Great Ocean Road. It is a long day but worth it!
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    We did a Yarra Valley wine tour. It was a very pleasant day, but the wines, while good, are not Australia's best wine (go to rhe Barossa valley near Adelaide for that) and are overpriced for the quality (by California and Nevada standards).

    We also looked at the Colonial Tramcar Restaurant (dinner in an old tram car while it drives around the city). We wanted to do thst, but didn't book in time. Book early for this.
  • THANK YOU FOR GREAT the dinner tram car idea!
  • We were in Melbourne for three days prior to our tour. We booked the Colonial Tramcar Restaurant and had a nice ride and dinner. Also booked a tour with Go West to travel to Phillip Island to view the little penguin parade. If you'd like a unique cocktail experience, check out Eau de Vie. Reservations are a must.
  • When we did the Australia tour, the tram dinner was part of the tour, then it was taken off the tour because comments on the hope and trust feedback was that many people did not think it was worthwhile. We enjoyed it, so it just goes to show how hard it is for Tauck to please everyone.
  • Hi. I am on the 10/18 Los Angeles AA73 to SYD/AA7327 to MEL. Are these your flights too? I am flying in from Florida that day so will be lifeless upon arrival in Melbourne and did not plan anything but rest. However, on 10/20 it looks like we are free for lunch and afternoon that day and I booked the Little Penguin Bus from 3-11PM to tour the Fairy Penguins returning from the sea to their nighttime homes. You might want to google, Little Penguin Bus, 328 Flinders St. MEL. and check it out. Sounds fun. LMK Patty
  • Sorry Janet Leigh....My flights leave for Sydney from LAX on Monday 10/16! Patty
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