Duffle Bag - Checked or Carry On

We are on an upcoming Portrait of India trip. Could someone who has already been on this trip recently please answer either or both of the following questions:
1. Does Tauck require you to carry on the duffel bag you receive in Delhi or do you have the option to put it in checked luggage on the flight from Delhi to Varanasi?
2. Is the duffel bag lockable?

We realize that our big checked bags are being sent directly from Delhi to Agra. We are trying to understand the logistics of the duffel bag.

Any information will be most appreciated. Thanks.


  • To answer your questions:
    1. The duffels (basically used as an overnight bag) are collected in the morning in Delhi (along with your primary luggage which is sent ahead by truck to Agra) and transported to the airport and hotel and handled just like regular luggage would be. We were told we were only allowed one carryon. Indian airlines are pretty fussy about carryon (which must be tagged) and the tag is checked frequently. Upon arrival, you will wait at the airport for Tauck’s local drivers to collect and load the duffles into a bus, and it will be brought to your room. The following day you will leave your duffle inside your room and it will be picked up and transported. You will be reunited with the duffle and primary luggage in Agra. Easy peasy as only Tauck can do it!,
    2. No, the duffle is not lockable. Plan to hand carry any valuables such as cameras and electronics.
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    I can answer question 2. We have had to use Tauck duffels for quite a few of their tours and yes they are lockable. We do the same with them as we do our checked large cases where ever we go..... we have given up using so called TSA approved locks on bags because they always disappear from our bags by the time we see our bags at their destination, instead, we carry a good number of zip ties in the front pockets of our bags and a small pair of scissors. We zip tie the bags every time our bags fly or we move from hotel to hotel, using the scissors to open them. This has always worked for us and of course, if the ties have been removed or cut, we can see immediately, which in theory with regular locks, someone could go in your case and maybe relock it and you may not notice. This of course will not work for carry on bags. We always hand carry cameras, binoculars, electric cords and plugs, jewelery ( though we take little of this) drugs or anything else we feel is worth pilfering from bags.
    This is one reason why I don't like to take dressy clothes on vacation, it reduces the worry of someone stealing my clothes though I would hate to lose what I use as my Tauck adventure type clothes. It's taken several years for me know that if anyone was to say to me, hey British, how about a tour of Africa/India/ Macchu Pichu tomorrow? I could run to my closet and have everything I need in minutes' Anyome offering?
  • Interesting, British! Never thought of that! Just be sure to leave your scissors in the front flap of the duffel, NOT in your carry-on. Then again, that gives someone the tools to break into your bag... Our TD had his manicure scissors, that he had misplaced in his backpack, confiscated (in Delhi) after they showed up in X-ray and he had to empty his entire pack which was a pretty complicated task! Manicure scissors also got confiscated from my husband’s bag in Lima after we had the agent from hell who make us jockey around our bags and he forgot about them! BTW...good to know that you are completely ready for “The Amazing Race” should a Phil give you a call!!!
  • Yes Joyce, waiting for Phil to call, but it would have to be my hubby and daughter that go ???? And yes, always keep scissors in outer pockets of bags
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