in india tauck air travel

what are the baggage weights and sizes? We are flying over on United, is the criteria the same? One place i saw had a rediculous weight and size.!


  • Have you read the Before You Go page for your tour? It includes a "Luggage Handling and Restriction" section under Inclusive Prices.

  • Claudia has sent you in the right direction. Check in the info on the “Before You Go” info part of the destination site on the Taick website. You will be using a number of different airlines on the in-country flights. As far as United weight limits go, it depends on how you are traveling. If you are flying Business or First Class, your weight limits ( and number of bags) are much more generous. However, there are far too many intra-country flights that do not have those weight limits (you will be flying coach on those) to feel comfortable with the higher weight limits. Go by what Tauck lists as those weights. We were able to have our bags under the limit on all flights and have enough clothing to suit all of the various temps on this outstanding tour! You can monkey around with bags ( if you are flying Business or First) as the trip nears an end if you carry an extra bag ( think duffel) if you have acquired some extras items along the way, but that extra bag would have been packed originally.
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