Spotlight on Australia April 2018

We will be traveling to Australia next week and we have a luggage restriction question. I know that our carry-on is restricted to 15 lbs. and a certain size. Are we also permitted to take a personal item like a purse or only one item? My husband has a small CPAP machine - is there any exemption for a medical device or will this have to be his one carry on?
We want to be prepared and not have any overage fines! Thank you for any input from everyone!

Super excited!


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    Yes, you can take a small personal item like a purse. I have no idea how big a Cpap machine is, but obviously it is important and I assume especially on such a long flight and with cabin air quality you will need it for sleeping on the plane. Take an extension cord and adapter with you in case there is no outlet near your bed.
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