Time of dinner on first day in Milan

Tauck - What time is the dinner reception on the first day? I have other tour plans earlier in the day that end at 6PM. Is this a conflict?


  • This tour is new for 2018 so no travelers with exact knowledge on this one, however, based on prior tours I'd say 6 is cutting it fine especially if you'll need to shower/change. I'd expect it to be meet for cocktails and introductions at 6 with actual dinner about 7. Once you get your green travel documents book it should say. Usually the tour itinerary will give a start time for the first day. You might check out the one listed under your reservation. Click on "My Reservations" then click on "My Trip" and you might get more detail.
  • Belay my last. I looked on your tours "Before You Go" then "Preparing to Go" tabs and it lists a tour start time of 5. You can double check with Tauck whether that means the welcome reception starts then.
  • The site does show the time as 5pm, but that's not when the welcome dinner festivities started. It was more like 6:30 or 7 pm.

    Hors d'oeuvres were served while standing around in a ballroom of the hotel. Then, there was welcome speeches from the Tauck guides. Then, we all moved to an adjacent room for dinner.

    Tauck, if you're following this, the speeches were giving after everyone had been standing for a long time. It should have happened while we were all seated. It was a long time for me to be standing, and I was relatively young for our group.

    Also, I noticed that the Tauck materials referred to dinner in "La Veranda." There may have been a veranda there, but La Veranda is the name of a fancy-schmancy restaurant at the Four Seasons in Milan. So ixnay on the la veranda-say next time.
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