2018 August, Land of Fire & Ice/ Tours and weather

Beginning July 31st, 2018.

My husband & I are flying in a day early and staying 3 days longer.

Can anyone recommend other tour of the area we can take? I see lots of different tour companies offering mostly the same things and about the same prices, but I don't know who's really good, or if there is something we shouldn't miss that's not on the cruise.

I'm looking at a whale watching & puffin tour, an Old Town tour with beer tasting at the end, and a Game of Thrones tour that shows some of the places the series is filmed.

I've used Gray Line in several other cities and thought they'd be okay.

I was expecting the temperature to be between 68 and 77 during the day, but it looks like that may not be the case.
Was it really cooler than that?

Will I need Krona or is a credit card okay, and is there tipping?


  • I am taking the tour in a few weeks. I knew temps would be in the fifties and Tauck really stresses this. I think you will see plenty of puffins on the tour without doing a pre tour to see puffins.
    All tips are included including to the Tauck directors. We are not planning on taking local currency.
    Most of this information is a ailabe when you book the tour.
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