Bringing Rx Meds into Singapore, Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos

Have any fellow travelers had experience with bringing Rx's (especially sleeping pills) into any of these countries? They seem to be very restrictive and require pre-approval for many classes of Prescription Meds. Thanks.


  • I have never ever been asked to explain about any pills I am carrying in any country I have been including on this tour just a few months ago. I don’t even take original containers anymore but do have photographs of the bottles and the Dr name and pharmacy showing and then I take a picture of each pill with me and a description of the medicine and what it is for. It I do not need to carry sleeepimg pills or strong pain meds.
  • Was in Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia & Laos with Tauck in October. Never had anyone ask for anything related to any pills.
  • Thank you for your perspective and recent experiences. I think the issue is with specific prescription drugs that might be abused or possibly sold. Not concerned about more general meds.
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    I am sure that a note from your doctor plus just the amount of pills you need for the time of the tour will be sufficient to not concern any customs officer. As long as your hand baggage has nothing else in it that would cause security to pull your bag off the X-ray machine for further inspection I would not be concerned. They are just not concerned with the average traveller. It's a very long time since I was in Singapore but they seem more concerned about people with chewing gum there.
  • Plan to be careful and have documentation. We will leave the chewing gum at home. lol
  • I've never had a problem with this anywhere I go.

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