Day 2 "The Last Supper" - Milan

On Day 2 we are on our own in the afternoon, but the itinerary mentions a special opportunity to experience "The Last Supper" in the evening after hours without typical crowds. Does anyone know the time frame of this viewing so we can plan our afternoon and dinner? With my thanks.


  • I believe this is a new tour four 2018 so no one has been on it and knows when it was scheduled for them. Even if there were, the hourly schedule can vary trip to trip. You could try calling Tauck or just wait til you arrive and discuss with the TD.
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    We had the opportunity to view The Last Supper last year on the Bellissima Norther Italy tour. It was the highlight of the tour - to be in the presence of the Master’s work!

    Our Tauck Director did not have the exact viewing time until the previous day. I doubt that Tauck would have any details this early before your tour but you could try.
  • Thank you Travel guy for your response. We will have to just go with the flow as they say.
  • We just returned from the maiden trip with this itinerary.

    Tauck organized two groups leaving from the hotel. I think they were at 6:45 pm and 7:15 pm. Milan traffic is heavy - half an hour drive, I think - and we arrived at Santa Maria delle Grazie with perfect lighting for an outdoor photograph.


    We had to wait a bit until it was our turn to go inside, and the local tour guide used that time well. We had a good long time inside - at least a half an hour - and we were back at the hotel by 9 pm. (I'm certain of that return time because we had a dinner reservation at Acanto, in the hotel. By the way, dinner there was fabulous too.)

    Inside, you can take photos to your heart's content. They just don't want you to use a flash, nor to take video.


  • The Last Supper is nowhere near the hotel, so you will need to take the coaches. Tauck staggers the groups. They will give you a slip of paper with your appointed time to be in the lobby for the bus.

    The last bus leaves La Scala at 4. Then there is downtime waiting for the bus between 4-7 pm. We just ventured out, found some local grocery stores and ate in the room so we didn't have to spend a couple of hundred euros for dinner at the hotel. Plus we found a great pizza place near the duomo and dinner was not a priority.
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    Dinamo - you seem to be the first one from the Inspire on this trip to post anything. How about a review for us future travelers? That would be much appreciated!

    Also, what time was the Amsterdam lunch cruise finished? Just want to know how much time after before we need to return to the boat.

    Thank You
  • Hi, I just posted a review on the Forum of this tour. I believe the canal cruise finished mid afternoon.

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