Using iPhone on Verizon on this trip?

We are taking this trip next January. Any guidance on using a cell phone would be appreciated. Desire to keep it on for Emergency Calls only and no data to be used except on wi-fi. Tried that in the Netherlands and Belgium and got whacked with 146 MB of data usage. Something must have been using data in the background.


  • How about WhatsApp, it’s free, I regularly use it to speak, text and send photos to a friend in England, in fact she is in Ireland right now and she used WhatsApp to communication with me yesterday. Her daughter travelled round the world for a year as a student and that is what they used, including Thailand which is near enough to your destinations. We took this tour this passed February and loved it Ed!
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    Thanks British. We do use WhatsApp and FaceTime (Video and voice) and that's all on wi-fi. I was looking for a way to keep the cell phone ON for emergency calls but not get slammed with data charges. Glad to hear that you loved this trip.

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