Mokoro boat rides on delta

How did you experience these boat rides and what did you see


  • The mokoro's are somewhat comfortable, however, you will be moving through narrow waterways with plant life surrounding you at times. Recommend wearing long pants and sleeves if you are squeemish about anything touching you. There were very peaceful times moving slowly through the water. But there is also, in my opinion, some stressful moments when you wonder just how close is that hippo and how quickly do they move.
    We saw tiny frogs and mostly birds. I'm glad we decided to do it, but I'm not sure I'd do it again.
  • The first evening half the group does the canoes and the other half does the pontoon "party boat" and the second evening its reversed. We thought it was very interesting, beautiful and mostly peaceful. I've read that British had a close encounter, also Crackeroo as above, and we did too. The guides surely know how much the hippos will move before sundown, but ours was the closest canoe to the hippo and his family of ten. When I was taking pictures of him he started twitching his ears, grunting, snorting and bobbing his head in/out of the water. The guide decided it was time to move on (quickly). Everywhere we went the rest of the trip if our fellow travelers heard a noise they would say, I wonder if that hippo is still after me!! It's one of many great stories from that trip.

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