Will be on this trip in September 2019. Does anyone have 2019 experience on mandatory vaccinations? I've read that Botswana might require proof of yellow fever vaccine, but the CDC website is indicating it's not required when entering from Zambia. Looks like Hep A, typhoid and malaria are recommended by the CDC, but not mandatory. Really don't want to have unnecessary inoculations, but sure don't want to have an issue on arrival. Many thanks.


  • I can only tell you what happened when we did this tour. We crossed over the river into Botswana and got to immigration. An official got onto the bus and asked to see everyone's Yellow Fever certificate. Everyone had one, so I do not know what would have been the consequences if this had not been the case.
    If you are going to be doing lots of foreign travel I just think it is a good idea to get immunizations for typhoid, Hep A, Hep B and so on. We had the Yellow Fever shot a long time ago and it is now good for life. We always take Malaria meds if there is even only the slightest chance of there being Malaria carrying mosquitoes around. In Zambia when we were there, there were lots of mosquitoes around, even in the hotel room in Zambia, we got bitten. It’s a great trip. See your Dr about anything related to shots as they know your medical history.

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