Arctic Allure: Spitzbergen

We take off for Norway in a coiple of weeks. From what I can see this might be a new trip for TAUCK but has anyone done this even if with another agency?
We really need to get an idea of weather conditions, etc. at this time of year that for north. Have access to some sites but would love to hear from someone who has done it or something similar in the Svalbard Archipelago in June or July.


  • Hi there! I'm on this cruise too - leaving in less than 2 weeks - so am following.

  • We are going a day ahead just in case.
    TAUCK arranged our flights and we notice the flight from Oslo to Zurich leaves at 7 AM, still shows a 737-800 and we only have 50 minutes from the time we are scheduled to land in Zurich until the flight to Newark is scheduled to take off.
    I suppose we could do worse than retired life in Zurich...

  • Here I go with the 20 questions.
    Where do you live CGF? And when are you getting into Oslo and which Hotel? Are you leaving for home on the 3rd of July? Have you traveled with TAUCK before?
    TAUCK has us booked at the Bristol.
    Suspect Patty and I will have a rather short night on the 2nd if they expect to get us to the airport 3 hours before our 7 AM departure.

  • I believe you will have Susan and/or Marcos for your tour director(s). We have had both and they are excellent. I hope to get on this tour someday. Enjoy!!!

  • I live in Bucks County, PA and am traveling with a friend of mine who lives in Washington DC. We are coming in the same day that the tour begins, so we'll probably be at the Bristol (I keep looking for this on my documents but can't find the info). I was recently in Oslo - this will be my third trip to Norway - so the short turnaround is ok with me.

    I did a Tauck river cruise on the Rhine a few years ago and loved it!

  • edited June 2019

    We did the river cruise from Amsterdam to Budapest. What a lock of fun. ;)

    We live in a small retirement community just southwest of Utica, NY so we're nearly neighbors.

  • Pouring cats and dogs here today. :/ Noticed the long range forecast for Longyearbyen has gone from "sprinkles" most days we will be on the boat to RAIN. :(
    Looks like decent weather for our flights ending in Oslo Saturday and Sunday however. :)
    See you soon!

  • We are wondering how this tour was. Since Tauck has not started posting reviews again (yet) we'd be interested in hearing from anyone who just got back from it.


  • We are heading on the July tour this summer 2020 and would love to hear people’s thoughts on it and suggestions for packing. Do you need walking sticks like Antarctica trip did?

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