Yellow Fever Vac.

What is the status of getting Yellow Fever Vac. for trips this fall? We were told we don’t need this vaccine.


  • Janrose, welcome to these forums. I would suggest you do a search on this topic as there are a number of suggestions based on previous experiences. Two recent threads are "Yellow Fever inoculation for South Africa" and "Vaccinations". It is a great trip that you will enjoy immensely.

  • We just completed this trip at the end of May, 2019. We read posts from past travelers that there was an issue with entering South Africa after traveling in Zambia without a yellow fever vaccination. Our local travel clinic in Florida advised us that it was not needed now so we did not get one, and we had no problem. We did get Hep A and typhoid fever. Do keep up with the CDC site to make sure that no new outbreak has occurred since May.

  • You never know when you will be asked for proof of A Yellow Fever vaccination, we have been asked.

  • I agree with British. We were asked on one of our three Africa trips. It takes time to get a yellow fever shot. You are not going to get it tomorrow at CVS or Costco.

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