no plastic or zip lock bags, real zippered ok?

Has anyone been since the ban on plastic bags been to Tanzania? Are clear bags with a real zipper allowed?


  • No one checked our bags for plastics, but then again, we were warned and didn't take any. Try using inexpensive nylon mesh bags, like they sell for party favors

  • Does anyone know if the ban includes dry cleaner plastics (like they put over clothes to keep the wrinkles to a minimum)?

  • I would think they are classed as one use bags. What do you need to take those for, just curious. We have found alternatives for any bags we might have taken in the past, shoe bags, waterproof bags, reusable small rubberized bags to use for small liquids too as I read somewhere that some people were being asked to remove their small liquids from them on the plane. Anyway, whatever, they are all easy to find on Amazon or similar and reasonable in price. We had to be sure we hadn’t left any bags in our outer zippered compartments of our suitcases because we always carried one or two for ‘emergencies.’

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