How cool is it likely to get during Tanzania/Zanzibar Tour?

We're taking the Tanzania to Zanzibar trip in July and are trying to figure out what to pack. I've checked online for average temperature charts, but I'm not sure how cool/cold it might be during the early morning drives and in higher elevations. Don't want to bring warmer clothing we don't need, but also don't want to be cold! If anyone who has been on this trip can provide some feedback, it would be greatly appreciated. I know dressing in layers is the way to go -- but how cold/cool is the weather we should be planning for? Fleece jacket, packable puffer jacket, windbreaker, gloves, rain gear?


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    We went in July. We took a packable puffer jacket which had a hood and a thin hat and gloves. I generally started with a long sleeve t shirt amd the jacket and then peeled off when it got warmer. I also took a Columbia type shirt or two to use instead of the jacket if necessary. You will definitely need the jacket for the balloon ride. Tanzania remains my favorite African country and the Tanzania Zanzibar tour you will see the most wildlife, it is the most economical trip and the ballooon ride is almost always a go which is not the case in Kenya where it can fairly frequently get cancelled due to unsuitable weather conditions. Zanzibar is interesting but I do not need to go there again. Enjoy the tour!
  • Thank you, British! I appreciate you taking the time to reply -- very helpful!
  • AndThePirates, What time in July are you going? My husband and I will be going for the first week of July. I am sure they have a few trip s set up for July.
  • Sweet Haven — We are on the July 16 trip! Hope you have a wonderful time.
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    Taken in July 2016. This was in Botswana but the temps and mornings in K&T were similar.

  • Sealord, how about posting this pic on the thread about how high are the vehicles. I think this one shows perfectly that the trucks are high.

  • We are just back from the Tanzania to Zanzibar trip - early Sept departure! The weather was perfect - a bit cool at the Arusha and Ngororongoro Crater areas in the morning and evening and for ballon ride (wonderful!!) - puffer jackets work great for that and if you get cold easily pack a little more (gloves, scarf) then it warms up quickly during the day. Our vehicles were closed with big windows which we could open and they popped up the top once we were closer to locations we were going for the safari ride.

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