School Supplies K & T tour

I am getting so excited about our trip NEXT WEEK. I have searched the archives and still haven't got a definite idea of whether to bring school supplies or not. Can they be given to the TD at the start so as not to pack them up? I'm a 6th grade teacher and am looking forward to this part of the trip. As my suitcase (one large checked bag for both of us) gets filled up I need to decide. When I volunteered at a school in Honduras I filled one suitcase with school supplies.
I have also read threads about luggage. We each have a carryon (small roller type) and only one large checked bag to share. The large bag will have our duffels and the remainder of our clothes. My question is whether I should ditch the roller carry on and use the duffels instead? How have you experienced travelers done it for this trip? thanks


  • I posted this in the wrong category. It should be East Africa Classic Safari. Sorry.

  • Thank you so much Miguelado for your very informative response. That helped immensely. We leave tomorrow morning. I will add easy readers and pack the supplies in a separate small checked duffel. I am so looking forward to this trip. The weather is calling for rain!

  • Just returned from K & T, Very little rain, no bugs, tons of animals, taking school supplies was a highlite as was Maasai Village. BONUS....saw the wildebeest migrating (thousands) in a line across Serengeti Natl. Park. I'll include more when I rest up!

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