Spent a few days going in early before trip, well spent in Dubrovnik, as well as one extra day in Venice!


  • Thank you for posting your wonderful video!

  • JoWeber: I was on this trip the departure just before yours. Thank you for reminding me of all the wonderful sights and adventures on that trip!

  • JoWeber, your video is awesome! Thanks for sharing! My husband and I are considering this trip for 2020. When did your tour begin in September? It looks like you had great weather.

  • Watching your video was a great way to start the new year! Thanks for sharing. This trip is on my "to do" list.

  • glad i was not there in NOV there raining season. We were on the TAUCK tour Sept 8 - Sept 15. Love it!

  • Your video is beautiful.

    We are taking this trip in mid-June 2020. We plan to arrive in Dubrovnik one day early and do some sightseeing and/or dining on our own, but just realized that our inbound flight arrives at 9PM the day before the welcome dinner. Therefore our 1-1/2 day on our own is reduced to one 3/4 day on the welcome day. So, can you recommend any activity that we can fit in? We would love to tour the Jewish quarter and synagogue and maybe anything else that we will not be able to do during our tour. Also, did you find any great restaurants for you free time while on tour?

    We are not planning to add on any additional nights because we do not want to extend our trip. What time did your tour arrive in Venice? We have been there before and thus plan to skip the Doge's Palace and instead try to get to Burano by vaporetto and be able to return in time for the farewell dinner that night Any suggestions?

  • I did this trip last September. The Dubrovnik hotel is beautiful. If you have just a partial day I would hike the city walls - that takes about two hours If you stroll and take a break halfway through. Then walk through the old town and explore the interesting streets and Jewish Quarter and have a late lunch. You might have enough time for one of the boat tours in the harbor - this was promised as part of our tour but was canceled because of winds.
    We got to Venice early afternoon - around 1:00 p.m. or so but we had heavy traffic. I haven’t been to Burano in many years but I remember the vaporetto ride being long - 40 minutes or so. Research that before you set out or you could spend your limited time that afternoon mostly on the boat.

  • Thanks for your suggestions. We definitely want to walk the walls. Doesn't the Tauck portion of the tour do this?

  • Another possibility to pass some time in Dubrovnik is to take the cable car up the mountain. The views from the top are amazing. While on top we stopped in the restaurant, which also has the amazing view and had ice cream sundaes.

  • Check out the tour details. When we took this tour, the cable car ride was included. The group picture was taken at the top of the mountain with Dubrovnik in the background.

    We were also on a tour in June. Dubrovnik was very warm. I'd suggest that you begin the wall walk relatively early. There are fewer people and you will not be under the hottest sun. Assuming that you begin early, stop along the way and take pictures, plan on the entire morning. You may also want to go to St. Lawrence fort which is included in the admission price. It gives you a good view of the walls from across a small inlet.

    While we did not do this, you can take a kayak ride around the walls. We saw a lot of people in kayaks while out on the boat tour.

  • JoWeber, your video is beautiful. I am looking forward to taking the June 4th trip. Thank you to all the people who have posted suggestions for the pre and post days, as well.

  • Yes , I would agree. walking the walls and then taking a tour of the synagogue ( you can book with a guide or tour by yourself)

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