Has anyone used the ScotEVest, or similar by Magellin? Was wondering if these are worth having. Thanks!


  • Yes, I have used these travel vests. I like the lighter weight option best. I recently went on a cruise and used it everyday we went ashore. It has plenty of pockets so no need to carry a purse etc.

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    I don't have one so can't say anything about the durability, utility, or protection from pickpockets, but the implied claim (spelled out in one vest title, but nothing in the text) that the vests provide protection from RFID scanners is bogus hype. RFID stands for radio frequency identification. The only credit/debit cards that are susceptible are those you just waive past a detection pad - the so called fast pass- special credit cards, key fobs, etc.- used at gas pumps, etc. Credit cards, even ones with an "EMV chip", which must be inserted or swiped (most credit cards) are NOT susceptible!!!

    Your passport has an RFID chip but it can only be read when it is open (the front and back covers contain RFID shields) and interrogated from just a few inches away by a special encrypted signal provided at a CBP kiosk. It is possible to intercept and record the interrogation and response, but only if the receiver is very close to (inches away) the point of interrogation. However, the recorded reply from your passport must be separated from the interrogation signal (which is also recorded at the same time) and decrypted by sophisticated computer software- not the MO nor within the capability of your typical pickpocket! There was no place other than US & European airports where I felt nervous about pickpockets, especially not in Africa.

    I think it might be awkward to have all pockets on the inside. As to appearance, I don't like the look of the eVest. I have a typical safari vest (yes, I know, it screams, "I am a tourist" :D ) with inside and outside pockets, more pockets than I will ever use. It cost about a third of the EVest. I would rather have most pockets on the outside for easy access to the items I need on a game drive. Mostly I kept larger items, spare camera lens, GoPro, etc. in my manpurse. I only put small, quick access, items in the vest pockets- lens cap, lens wipe, Kleenex, sunglasses, etc. My passport is always back in the room safe. I have used the vest on two African tours and Peru & Galapagos and soon will use it during Jordan & Egypt.

    Again, I think the eVest is all hype and price. Get a regular safari vest or a lightweight fleece with at least one interior, zippered pocket.

  • Alan..thank you so much for the info..

  • I have had a Scottevest for several years and it is great for travel. It has numerous pockets that do not stick out like a fisherman's type vest.

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