Pompeii April 30, 2020

Anyone interested in sharing a cab to Pompeii on April 30, 2020? We're considering a 10:30 am, 3 hour guided walking tour. Open to suggestions.


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    Be aware, while it is not too far as the crow flies (17 mi.) from the Hotel Vesuvio to Pompeii it can take awhile (28 min.+) to navigate the terrible Naples traffic. Our Best of Italy tour included Pompeii but not the National Archeological Museum and Herculaneum, so we did the reverse of what you are planning. Since we were staying in Sorrento, we booked car, driver, and licensed guide through DriverinItaly. The guide was fantastic. Are you planning to take a group tour or hiring your own guide on-site? Most of the guides who hang out outside Pompeii are not licensed- it makes a big difference (a licensed guide will have a special medallion and are the only ones legally allowed to guide tours in National sites). We built a customized full-day tour that also included the coliseum (Flavian Amphitheater) in Pozzuoli, which is a smaller cousin of the one in Rome and the nearby caldera of Sofatara. There is not much left of the upper seats in the coliseum, unlike the one in Rome, but the area below the arena floor is in much better shape and there are absolutely no crowds, hardly any people at all.

  • We're on the Tauck Amalfi coast tour that begins that night (April 30) in Naples so won't have much time for Pompeii. Rometorio.com said a taxi would be 25 min and $30-40. By train, the total time was 90min including walk/transportation to the train, but very cheap. We are looking at the https://walksofitaly.com company. We're also looking at https://www.toursbylocals.com with Giuseppe for a 2.5 hour tour. I think he starts earlier than the other company which would allow us a little free time at the end. Tours by locals charges $230 for a group of 7. We're only 2! Not sure if they would organize a group. Both of these companies are highly recommended. You meet the guide in Pompeii. After trying to follow Rick Steves audio/map in Delos, where very few things were marked, I really want a guide! Read that many places aren't well marked in Pompeii as well.

    Alan, always find your posts helpful and appreciate your responding.

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    We avoided pre-tour excursion guides in our earlier trips (worth the cost?), but were really sold on them after taking Classic Italy!! I would also check with the company I mentioned above (excellent service and voice/email communication- they have a toll-free US number.) They weren't the cheapest but have great TripAdvisor and Tauck forum reviews. There were only two of us (plus driver and guide) in a nice Mercedes sedan- we actually picked up Dario, our fantastic guide, outside Pompeii before driving to Herculaneum. He said he had archaeology training at University (we specifically asked for someone with an archaeology background) and we had no reason to doubt him, he appeared to really know his stuff. It was great having his undivided attention the entire time!!!

    Personally, I wouldn't take the train. It was an option for us, but after reading about the poor condition of the Circumvesuviana train, stations, and the touts that hang around there, we decided against it.

    Dario and my wife in Herculaneum.

    Getting the true explanation of "Vomitorium" (not the urban legend/misconception about a place where Romans went after eating to excess :o ) at the Flavian Amphitheater in Pozzuoli.

    Below the arena floor:

    Heading through one of the remaining gates to the old Greek City of Neápolis (now Naples) to get the "best pizza in Naples" or the "Best Neopolitan Pizza in Italy."

    Have a great trip!!! Italy and our Classic Italy tour ranks near the top of our list.

  • Hello ~ My husband Dennis and I are on the same tour with you and will take a look at this! Glad to "meet" you!

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    Hello ~ My husband Dennis and I are on the same tour . . .

    Maryanne, now I know where you are going next. :D I'm working on a relpy to your Mexico email, but wow!

  • Maryanne, please let us know if you come up with another idea. I wrote to the hotel asking if they had a recommendation, but no word back. https://www.visitpompeiivesuvius.com/en/pompeii#section-pompeii-02 this shows what you can see in 2 hrs, 4 hrs, and 7 hrs. Not sure if this schedule is with a guide or not. Would be good to know what a guide covers in 3 hrs.

  • Hotel sent some information regarding a private tour and driver. Very pricey. They also recommended a 4 hr group bus tour that picked up at 8:45, but also included a stop at a cameo/coral jewelry factory! If fewer than 6 on bus, you get audio tour rather than guide. 53 euros plus 16e entrance fee . Think that leaves 90 mins at Pompeii. Not even considering this option.

  • We have used Tours By Locals a few times in Italy and have been very happy. Most recently in May 2019 in Milan on the Rhine Enchantment tour. It is not inexpensive but worth the cost. Very easy to arrange online and you will be contacted directly by your tour guide. We design our own tours and they get back to us quickly with the cost.

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