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I just saw an article about the Louvre closing today, Sunday, March 1st because of the Coronavirus. My husband and I are schedule to embark on April 27th for the Rendezvous on the Seine trip. The private Louvre tour was the major reason we signed up for this trip. What happens if this virus causes most venues to close? Will Tauck cancel? I don't want to waste the $$$ spent to visit France if all we can do is ride up and down the Seine.


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    Tauck will often reimburse some amount of the price of the tour if the itinerary is shortened. I don't believe there is a set procedure or amount if that is the case. As to the tipping point when to cancel a tour due to too many venues being cancelled, I can't say.

  • I am doing Savoring France Paris Lyon and Provence April 13th a bit worried that it is so bad they are closing sites. Also airlines canceling flights. I am just glad traveling with Tauck they will take care of us.

  • I will wait and see what happens .... at least, I have a few weeks to make a decision. But, if the Louvre stays closed, with that being one of the main reason for this trip, that will influence my decision. This is almost a $10,000 trip for my husband and I and does not include airfare. Very worried we'll be paying $10,000 for a boat trip up and down the Seine .... wish I knew the tipping point so I could cancel, make other arrangements, and reschedule flights ....

  • I just checked the Louvre website .... they are closed today, Monday, 3/2/2020, too!

  • This notice is currently posted on the official Louvre website: IMPORTANT INFORMATION. Due to the situation linked to Covid-19, the Louvre regulates its attendance: only the reservation of a ticket online guarantees entry to the museum.We thank you for your understanding. I am sure that Tauck has pre-booked tickets so as of today you should be able to tour the museum and other sites in Paris.

  • Hello RhondaDe,

    You are correct, Tauck does indeed have pre-booked tickets for the Louvre. That being said, the news is changing each day in regards to new policies and rules implemented by museums and similar tourist sites. We are closely monitoring these situations and will provide updates accordingly.

    Thank you,
    Tauck Emily

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