Director of the NIH, Francis Collins, who is Fauci's boss, praised Trump and his admin. for the "breathtaking speed" for which vaccines were developed. How can this be possible????? :p:p


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    Trump did have Operation Warp speed to help get the vaccines through hoops to get fast approval. Although Pfizer never bought into it, they wanted it independently. Where Trump completely failed was any thoughts on distribution and he also turned down 100 million doses that Pfizer offered the US, which is why it’s a total mess now and my husband and I can’t find anywhere to get a vaccine in our area.

  • Both my wife and myself have received both shots. Not bragging, not flaunting but administering the shots is the responsibility of each state/city. Do you live in the Northeast??

  • Yes PA, Philadelphia vaccine roll out is totally separated to the rest of PA

  • There have been hundreds of comments on this forum pertaining to covid which commented upon how travel will be affected. Let's all hope that we can get back to a normalcy, especially concerning travel, that does not include "politics".

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