Booking open tours for 2021

I’ve been looking at open tours for the remainder of 2021 and more and more are now wide open again. I’m trying to understand what is happening, are people canceling more and more too?
We tried to book the last remaining date open of a US tour a couple of weeks ago. It took some persuasion from me to get my husband round to the idea, mainly because it was as expensive as a foreign tour would be, it was a small group one, but he won’t leave the US at present, he doesn’t want the hassle. I left him to make the call, I had to go out. After 45 minutes on hold and no call back option, he gave up. When I returned home, we had a rethink and decided to book something independently.
So I’m wondering if Tauck are being overwhelmed with people making last minute cancelations that prevent others from making a new booking.
We have not cancelled any of our tours, we have waited for Tauck to cancel them. We realized last year that 2021 was likely to be a washout, so did not book any new tours until 2022, two of which are looking increasingly less hopeful of going anyway.
Right now, I’d be happy to go on any US Tauck tour, they are unlikely to be full with all these cancellations and it could make for a rare small group experience. They are expensive. Too late though, we have three independent trips booked before the end of the year.
Is anyone aware of any of these tours being cancelled because so few people remain booked on a tour ? We have had a tour changed to another date in the past due to lack of people booked on the date we had chosen.


  • We are booked on the 10/5 trip to New Orleans. A few weeks ago it was sold out and now it's showing availability again. So yes, people must be cancelling. The COVID numbers are very high right now in LA so that may have led to some cancellations. We haven't heard from Tauck yet so right now we are going.

  • If only people would wear masks and correctly, that would so reduce the spread. Even in Mississippi where you are going, the worst state. New Orleans is such fun!

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