Jan 2022 Antarctica

Scheduled for tour starting 1/2/2022. Traveling with 22 and 25 year olds. Wondering if any other younger people on the trip?


  • wem3212 I took this tour in 2012. Seems like a lifetime ago. There was a couple with 2 young children --nanny was also on the trip, and and few young adults (under age 25) traveling with their parents. Everyone had a great time! Age doesn't matter! Enjoy!

  • Thanks! I am looking forward to it immensely. Probably last big trip as our little family- soon have to add in-laws and maybe grandchildren someday!

  • that is great to hear! we are planning trip in Feb 2022 with my 2 sons- 14 and 11. Of course we are waiting on the vaccine to be approved for my youngest since Ponant requires all guests to be vaccinated- regardless of age. Great to hear that all ages are welcome and have fun! Fingers crossed!

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