Aboard L’Boreal 1/8-/22 tour

Arrived Buenos Aires a day early. Everyone masked and observing protocol. Sadly two positives the next day. Our guides are amazing. If they are negative when next tour goes out they are on it. Quarantined at Hilton.
Two tests later we are all negative.
On second day of Drake passage. Yesterday terrible, most of us sick to some degree. Today is better. The Tauck and ship staff always checking on us. Our cabin attendant Margi is a doll and brought crackers, ginger ale and green apples. That and 12 hrs of sleep helped 99 percent.
We’ve been fitted for boots, received coats and are ready for action tomorrow. Even with extra protocols and testing we are glad we came since we were cancelled last year.


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    Have a great trip. Please say hello to Rob for us (Eloise and MIke). We leave for BA on Monday.

    How many Tauktourians on your trip?

  • Hey Sealord, we also are on 1/19/22 Antarctica trip. See u then!

  • We are down to two more ‘wake-ups’ and we should be ‘on the road again’. That’s the music that get’s us up to go to the airport. We start our testing routine in a few hours, and should arrive in BA around 10:00 AM Tuesday if the flight is on time.

  • Have a great journey, Sealord. Safe travels. Stay well.

    You, too, landriola!

  • Landriola, just replied to your message.

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    We are looking forward to meeting landriola and company, and DoreenC and company. I am sure you all will enjoy DrFun as well. We have had two PCR tests in the last twenty-four hours, so we are as checked out as we can be. That brings our test count up to around twelve counting our last two trips abroad. ‘As said, ‘we are not young enough to postpone life’. We are going for it. Our companions ‘DrFun’ and company are enroute as well. We should meet in BA on Tuesday morning. Actually, I’m guessing that a large portion of our trip will arrive Tuesday morning from JFK and MIA.

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