temperature in the parks in Early October

temperature in the parks around end of september and first week of October. What clothing should I bring


  • We are leaving for Canyonlands in one week, Oct. 5. I, too, am wondering about clothing. In looking at the ten day weather, it is going to be hotter than I thought, except for night. It will be 104 in Phoenix when we arrive. So, I am thinking "capris" instead of long pants or long jeans. However, I'm taking those too. Also, knowing that this is a very outdoorsy and casual trip, how "dressy" is the welcome dinner? The dinner cruise on Lake Powell? and the farewell dinner? These can be quite dressy on other Tauck trips, but I'm thinking not on this one. Replies appreaciated.
  • I almost hate to reply to this since I went in
    August of 2011 and it was very hot. Shorts by day and capris by night. I would just keep checking the parks and get a sense of the temps. for next week. I can tell you that the welcome dinner was very casual. Capris, kackis etc. The farewell dinner was also more like business casual. Since it was Las Vegas and people were going out after there were capris with sparkling shirts. Don't remember men had jackets. A little more dressy but whatever. You will be fine. I would think that in Oct. you would need jeans rather than shorts on the river cruise. This is a wonderful trip enjoy every moment of beautiful America. Drink plenty of water. Sorry I can't be more help but it is a casual trip. I would certainly start the trip with shorts or capris. It should be hot until you get to the Grand Canyon. We wore comfortable shoes everyday. We didn't eat on the cruise but I would think it would be casual. Eating on the cruise is something new from last year.
  • Thank you for your reply. It was very helpful!
  • I just finished the Spirit of the Desert trip on Saturday ... it parallels many of the same locations as you will see. It was generally cold in the morning, especially if a sunrise shot is on your horizon ;). Wear all your layers at once. You strip off as the day goes on ... you might get down to a single T-shirt by early evening. Everyone is very casual, but it's nice to go to dinner in clean clothes! Can't comment on your opening dinner function, but your final dinner is at the Four Seasons. Don't know about you, but I always think a really smart venue deserves the courtesy of a smarter outfit than you'd wear to a desert cook out. It's nice to get dressed up!



  • I am also on the Oct 5 Canyonlands trip (if the national parks are open) and looking forward to sharing this wonderful experience with my mother and adult daughter this time around.

    I have been on this tour before in Oct and my advice is be ready for everything! My pictures from that trip show us in jackets in all the parks (except the monument valley optional tour). I still remember being very cold at Bryce. The bus is always cool (light jacket).

    My advice is to go casual, be comfortable and layer.

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    We just took the trip from Sept. 9 - 16. The weather was cool in the evening/early mornings and warm during the day depending on location. Bryce was the coolest. I brought capris and long pants and used them both. Also used a sweatshirt, lightweight fleece and windbreaker at various times and once, for a sunrise, wore them all. You definitely need to layer. We had rain on the first day so also needed an umbrella. Opening dinner and Lake Powell dinner cruise were nice/casual. Most dressed up a little for closing dinner in Las Vegas, some dresses or fancier tops for ladies - collared shirts for men - no jackets needed, but a few had them.
    Fabulous trip! You will not be disappointed.
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