Vaccine requirements?

Hi all - I know it's a long way off, but I was wondering if there are any special vaccine requirements for Australia and New Zealand. I know about the COVID vaccine requirements and I'm covered on that, just wondering if there's anything else required. I'm getting conflicting information on the web. Thanks in advance.


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    All the usual vaccines anyone should have who is a senior, travelers or not…..flu, the new shingles vaccine, the full set of pneumonia shots, or if you haven’t had those, the new Prevnar 20 shot. Tetanus, or booster for TDAP. Hepatitis A and B, am I forgetting any? Talk to your family doctor or pharmacist

  • Most towns of reasonable size have a Travel Clinic and they are usually run by the Infectious Disease specialists. We've used them in our town and they were excellent at providing guidance and shots.

  • Travel clinics are indeed excellent but they charge hefty prices compared to other places.

  • I went to Australia and New Zealand in 2018, and got no special shots for that trip. But I had already been to China, Egypt & Southeast Asia within the previous 10 years, so maybe some shots that I got for those trips covered the ANZ trip. In any event, I agree with AshvEd that you should check with a travel clinic. There's one affiliated with my health care provider network, and that's where I always get referred when I have questions about what I need for travel. It's just part of the cost of the trip -- and well worth it. By the way, Grand Australia & New Zealand was my favorite trip (followed closely by a couple of others). Enjoy!

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