electric adapters/converters

Any recommendations on the type(s) of electric current converters/adapters that are best to use (necessary?) on the Australia/NZ tour, for use primarily in charging iphone, ipad and cameras?


  • all ipad iphone do not need a convert most cameras only nd an adapter. In may of the hotels there is one in the room and some you can get one at the desk. I had the wrong adapter plug for what I was told would work and went to the mall behind the hotel and picked one up for us to aus/nz adapter and used that for I think less than 20 AUS
  • All you will need is the standard AUS/NZ adapter. You will not need a converter. I believe every hotel had a converter available if needed. The standard adapters are readily available in country at about 5x the price of one purchased in the U.S. With two cell phones, a laptop and curling iron we used 3 all of the time. Wal Mart Superstores typically have the adapter as do most Best Buys in the U.S.
  • I leave the adapter plugs on the various cords/appliances then I know where they are when I need them! Camera, laptop, etc., etc.. I have bags of them ... labelled for Europe, North America, England ... all in multiples! And yes, buy the converter plugs in your contry of origin. Hopefully they have heard of Australia ...;)


  • Good advice Jan.We also leave them on the cords, easily preventing the age old problem of leave the adapter in the hotel.
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