South Africa--May 10

My wife and I are booked for the May 10 trip, and preparations are full speed ahead. I got shots this past weekend and will be breaking in a new pair of hiking/walking shoes around the snowy streets of Boston.

Anyone else booked for this trip?

We're getting into Cape Town a day in advance. I'm also interested on tips from previous travelers for shopping and adventurous dining. Lots of souvenirs to buy.



  • Hello jason. We are also on the trip. Have started to get our shots in order and plan for what to pack. My iwfe is very anxious to go and i am along for the ride.
  • Did you get yellow fever shot?
  • Initially told no need for yellow Fever vacine coming from States. Got some conflicting info though so will be meeting next week with doctor for final round of Hep A shot and see. We will also be asking about any need for malaria and typhoid meds.
  • On yellow fever--The info I have is that it's only an issue if crossing Victoria Falls from Zimbabwe to Zambia. At that point, you'll have to produce the yellow card. If not crossing that border, it's not needed. Apparently, crossing into Zambia is easy to do at the falls (according to the nurse administering my shots).

    I'm taking malaria meds for the safari parts, not because I'm particularly worried, but just because they're available, and if I don't take them and get malaria I'll kick myself.
  • For Jason,

    We took this trip end of August 2012 and it was an experience of a lifetime! We arrived in Capetown two days early. Some things to do on your own....take red bus around town, giving you an overview ...We then went back to the "District Six" museum on our own. There is a wonderful Aquarium very close to the Cape Grace Hotel. The Waterfront is also a few steps away with many resturants. Also good for shopping. The Concierge desk is a good place to begin and the hotel is wonderful with a terrific bar/restaurant downstairs to stop in later in the evening (I forget the name).

    You will just love this trip!!! Our tour Guide was Dianne and she was THE BEST! Hope you get her; say Hi from us,

    This year we are doing the Spain/Portugal trip in September.

    Estelle and Allen Fried
  • Estelle/Allen

    Thanks for the tips! I am looking forward to the trip, and hope to see you two on a future adventure.

  • My wife and I are on the May 10 trip to SA. We live near Hartford, CT and departing JFK on SAA May 8. Anyone else going on this Tauck tour?
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