ship wine home?

I will be going on the Portugal 1 week tour. Although i'm a beer person, I thought about purchasing some Wine to be sent back to U.S. that possible from the Wineries we will be viewing?
Or is such a thing possible?


  • I can't say about Portugal, but the wineries in Italy were more than happy to oblige.
  • The wineries in France were also very obliging when I was there with Tauck, though it wasn't cheap. If my memory is correct, the cost to ship a case was about 200 euros. You will also need to deal with US Customs and any laws of the state you live in regarding the importing of alcoholic beverages. Prosit!
  • It depends on the state you are shipping to and the shipping arrangements the winery has made. On the Classic Italy tour in 2015 the winery we stopped at would ship to any state except Massachusetts or Indiana, much to the dismay of this Massachusetts resident.
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