Opera in Verona?

We're booked for the Bellissima Northern Italy tour beginning August 12, 2017. The itinerary has us arriving in Verona on Wednesday, August 16, and departing that city on Friday, August 18. The Arena di Verona is featuring a performance of Aida on August 16 and of Tosca on August 17. We're wondering whether it would be possible to attend one of these performances, given Tauck's daily schedule of activities for our Verona stay. Of the two, Aida would be amazing, given that it's the 1913 version with all the pageantry and (I presume) animals, but the performance doesn't start until 8:45pm and is 4 hours long. Tosca also starts at 8:45pm but is only 2 hours and 45 minutes long. (Note: For further information visit http://www.arena.it/arena/en). Everyone says that we should try to see a performance of something in the historic Arena, but we're not sure there will be time to do so.

Also, does anyone know at what time in the morning the day's activities (i.e., breakfast, boarding of the motor coach) get underway?


  • I think this requires a call to Tauck. You will be given a more detailed itinerary when you pay your final invoice, or about a month before your tour, but an even more detailed itinerary once you arrive. I think Italy is one of those countries where itinerary can be subject to a switch around in schedule and timing. Day departures can vary a lot.
  • The night we arrived supper was on us. The 2nd night was included dinner at great local restaurant.
  • This one was a pretty easy trip with regards to morning times. There were no extremely early departures on this tour.
  • Hi. We took this trip 6 years ago, and attended the opera at night. I can't remember everything we did during the day, but the opera experience stays with me. To sit under the stars in an open colesium was a thrill. I still remember the walk back to the hotel afterward through the quiet streets. I highly recommend the opera. It's a fun tour. It was our first trip with Tauck and I remember picking it thinking it would be kind of laid back after a hectic previous vacation. It turned out to be chock full of history and art, and more than I expected.
  • We attended an Aida performance while staying in Verona prior to a Tauck trip that originated in Venice. The performance was memorable: an ancient Roman amphitheater, stars in a clear sky, live animals nn a monumental stage, and great performances. As one other person mention the performance starts late, I remember 9:00 PM so I doubt a Tauck activity would interfere. It is a long, late night so next morning wake up might be hard but the experience is worth it. When purchasing tickets make sure you also purchase cushions if you choose to on the stone seats - four hours on stone is a long time. You can book and print your tickets on line. My other recollection was that it was very hot even thought it was night time so pay attention to the temperatures when dressing. Enjoy, it is an experience you will not forget.
  • I took this tour in the summer of 2014. You will arrive in Verona about 3 pm or so and have the afternoon and evening to yourselves. The next morning the group walking tour begins at 8 and goes until about 11 or so depending on the local guide. The only other planned activity is a dinner at about 6 that night at 12 apostoli. Be sure to go to the basement when they invite you to do so. Several of our group went to the opera that night in the arena. I wish we had but it did last until past midnight. The bus left at 8 am AM the next day.

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