Is a converter necessary at any time for this trip?


  • The hotels and the ship are expecting Americans and have both types of outlets so we never needed a converter.
  • Ok, let's make sure what you are asking. This question comes up ALL the time. A "converter" is an electrical device (often a transformer) for converting 220 volts found in many countries to 110 volts found in the US. An "adapter" is mechanical item that allows you to physically connect a US plugs with two flat prongs to a foreign (pin type, etc.) wall receptacle.

    Most modern electrical devices (tablets, cell phones, laptops (Samsung, iPhone, iPad, etc.) operate on both 110 volts or 220 volts (it will say on the power module), so all you may need is an adapter. We left the ship 2 days ago and if I recall we only needed an "adapter" in one hotel and that may have only been because we wanted our devices in a specific location in the room where no US receptacles were located.

    The Isabella II had standard US style 110 volt two prong receptacles. Most, if not all hotels had both European 220 volt round pin style and US 110 volt two prong receptacles in at least one location in the room.

    You may want to consider a travel size multi-outlet strip. If not on this trip, it will be useful on other trips. I have posted photos in other threads- just do a search.

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