Malaria Meds

Are malaria meds necessary for India? We will be on the October 19th Trip.


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    You should see a travel doctor who can help you make a decision. That said, anti-malarials are generally highly recommended. It's just not worth the risk.
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    You really need to check with a travel clinic. We did the Portrait tour last year and needed them because that tour travels to the southern areas where malaria is more prevalent. As I recall, we had to start the meds in Udaipur. However, since the Spotlight only travels in the northern areas, you might not need them. Always best to check with the experts. And, you do need a boatload of immunizations.
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    Thank you everyone for your advice. We have had the full complement of shots for our K/T Africa Journey last year and of course we took the malaria pills for the whole journey.

    We will be leaving from Udaipur to the South of India so will take your advice and start the pills there.

    thank you
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    When we did the Spotlight tour, we took Malaria meds for the entire tour. Don't forget you will be boating along the Ganges both early morning and evening apart from anything else
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    No need for them if your doing the Spotlight in India... people load themselves with so many shots before the trip that they do get sick, BADLY!! but if you are doing the full 18 days tour that goes south I would ask your Dr. because there is more chances to get sick...
    I was last Oct. 2016 did the Spotlight and didn't need any, hotels are impeccable, the sights are pretty clean & unless you are planning on visiting some small villages out of the main cities on your own, you should be fine.
    I Did not take any Malaria or Chollera. Do take some mosquito repellant and some digestion meds. Pepto, Imodioun etc... but if you get the Delhi Belly best thing to do call the Tour Guide, he will get you the hotel doctor and you will be up and running in couple of hours.
    Tauck provides plenty of bottle waters in the bus and as well the hotels.
    I did make sure I had the Tetanus shot, which is now part of a trio shot. just in case......
    You will love this trip, It's AMAZING!!

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