Vienna Palace tours

I'll be in Vienna in May. I am trying to choose my tour itinerary as I would like to see both the Hofburg Palace and Schoenbrunn Palace but you have to pick one or the other on the second day of Vienna port. I was thinking the best thing to do was see the Hofburg palace on my own on day one in the free time in the afternoon and then choose the Schoenbrunn Palace for day two. Also try to see the Museum of Fine Art in free time in 2nd afternoon since the museum is closed on Monday the first day of the stop.

Has anyone done this tour before and have any ideas how I can see both Palaces?

I am a little disappointed at the vagueness of the tour itineraries i.e. when they start, how long they are, and if you indeed go into the churches and opera houses etc or just walk past them.

Can anyone give me an idea of the best way to utilize my time in Vienna to get the most sites for the time I have there?


  • You do get a more detailed itinerary once you pay your final invoice. I have learned that even then, it is your actual tour guide who will fine tune the timing. It may vary depending on traffic at that time of year, for example, is it a weekend day? Is it a national holiday day, are the school children off school, are there lots of ships in port that day! Or even, is the tour group of people from that particular tour a bit tardy so that the tours might need to leave earlier than planned or are they all there with Plenty of time to spare so that maybe the next day the tour can leave a little later.
    As far as choosing where to go and what to see, every bit of research that is done before you go on the tour, the better you are. Make a list of places you would like to see, check they are open on the days you want to see them, prioritize your list, estimate how long it might take you to see your choice---often a website will say how long the average person needs to do a site justice. Decide by locating where your hotel or ship are, how long it may take you to get to a venue. Can you use train, taxi, Uber etc. be ready to change your mind about where you planned to go depending on how much time you find you have.

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