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    Does anyone know whether they are still asking at the border for the Yellow Fever vaccination proof? We are on the May 12th trip. Our doctors said we wouldn't need the shot and made no recommendation to get it 'just in case'. I don't want to end up quarantined at the border...

    Your Dr is totally misinformed. The border between Zambia and Botswana asked our group for proof of yellow fever vaccine, it’s totally random, you may not be asked but it is a gamble. If you intend to travel to other exotic locations you will eventually have to have the vaccine. Example, we have to show proof for our recently booked tour to Rwanda to see the mountain gorillas.
    You have probably left it too late to easily get the vaccine now.
  • British has been very calm during the last week :) Sprucecreek, this is not intended to be rude or snarky, really.... There is wonderful information in the Green book that Tauck sent us and in the many posts in this forum. I would urge you to read as many as possible, as quickly as possible. Previous posters have indicated that on occasion when going between Zambia and Botswana the border patrol have asked for the yellow fever vaccination cards. I haven't read about any of the traveler's that were willing to take that risk and possibly detained. I'm struggling with understanding how one can pay over $30k on a incredible adventure like this and not looked at these issues more than three weeks in advance of your trip? As you can see above we finally got our yellow fever shots (Stamaril), but in some areas it is still hard to get it. As British, Alan S and others have indicated it is likely you will be going to another area sometime in the future that will absolutely require the yellow fever vaccination in addition to all the others recommended by the travel doctors. For example, you can't get on many flights to Brazil without the documentation. Please do your homework now and have a wonderful and safe trip.
  • Thanks everyone! I just got an appointment to get the Yellow Fever shot (Stamaril) this Thursday. I explained about the border guard situation and they said it wouldn't be a problem to get the shot.
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