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We will be going on the 14 day Romantic Germany tour starting 7/22. We have never been on this long a tour and never been to Germany. Given luggage limitations, are there ways in which laundry can be done? Does anyone have any experience with that?
Any other tips about the trip?


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    dankim wrote:
    We will be going on the 14 day Romantic Germany tour starting 7/22. We have never been on this long a tour and never been to Germany. Given luggage limitations, are there ways in which laundry can be done? Does anyone have any experience with that?
    Any other tips about the trip?

    We are on the 8/19 departure. Two weeks goes by all too quickly! We did Ultimate Alps & Dolomites a few years ago so have been looking at things to do when we visit places we saw on that tour (Linderhof Palace, Oberammergau, Munich- though Munich will be no problem).

    Munich comes at the halfway point. Rick Steves' book shows there is a laundromat (Wash & Coffee) about 15 min. walk on the other side of the Marienplatz and another one (Washcenter) a bit farther away and just south of the train station that you can get to on the U-Bahn. But frankly, I wouldn't want to waste valuable touring time lugging laundry through town and sitting there waiting for it to be done! Most hotels will have laundry service though it will likely be expensive- of course nothing like what you are spending on this trip, so live a little, it's only money. This will be our 8th Tauck tour and with each one we become better packers and can usually make it through two weeks by washing just a few essentials (underwear, socks, etc.) in the hotel sink. I must admit Classic Italy put a stress on that approach- I had to use a hair dryer to get stuff I washed in the sink dry so I could pack it before early morning luggage pickup. Plan on sending laundry out only in places where you have a two-night stay. Send it out right after you arrive and make sure you know when you will get it back. Looking at the itinerary and a few long days/bus segments, I suspect there will be quite a few early departures and early bag pickups. Oh, and save room and leave the sports coat and fancy clothes and shoes at home!

    Other tips, hmmm. You can study up and be prepared or just wing it when you get there- There are some decisions to make, choices between offered activities and what to do in free time, as well as some unknowns on this trip- e.g. What do you want to do at Traube Tonbach (hotel in the Black Forest)- the cooking school or the trip to the Mercedes-Benz museum in Stuttgart? What happens in Oberammergau? Do we stop there there just for lunch; is there time to wander through town, or do we tour the Passion Play theater? We wandered through town and saw the theater on the Ultimate Alps tour. In Munich do you want to go on the guided visit to Dachau or explore Munich on your own? We will probably get our own transport and visit the BMW museum instead. In Dresden, do we eat lunch in the VW "Glass Factory" as has been reported by at least one prior traveler a few years ago? Is there time to tour the factory and/or exhibits. If so, do we return to the hotel before we hop on the train to Berlin?

    Choices of museums in Berlin- which museum(s) do you want to visit? There are five or so on museum island, Tauck gives us choice(s). When researching them, I learned the famous "Pergamon Altar and its friezes" which I had just seen on TV and which are located in the Pergamon Museum adjacent to the Altes Museum, is closed for renovation. In fact the museum complex is undergoing a major, multi-year renovation/upgrade/expansion. Do you want to see the world famous bust of Nefertiti and the other Egyptian antiquities in the Neues (new) Museum? Are you more interested in modern art than history?


  • You will enjoy this trip. We took it last year. It was our 14th Tauck tour. Hope you have Joe as your Tauck Director.

    Some excerpts from my wife’s diary:

    On our free night in Frankfurt, we ate at Wagner’s. It is about a 15 minute walk through a pleasant residential area. We had ribs, with sauerkraut and bratwurst. Of course we had ice cream after, at another place a few doors away.

    For the Rhine River cruise we had refreshments on the boat – 2 ½ hour cruise – then off at Rudesheim – went to the Mechanical Music Museum – very unique and interesting. The Museum is not on the tour but worth it.

    At the Traube-Tonbach resort we went to the cooking lesson. We first helped finish a Black Forest Cake which was a lot of fun especially when the guys try to decorate the cake. Then it was on to the main course – a thing they call “maultaschen” – a stuffed meat ravioli – delicious! We had the meat ravioli for lunch – they serve it in a beef broth with chives and cheese. The cake was for tonight’s dessert. We than had plenty of time to take a walk in the Black Forest.

    Some of our group took the Mercedes Benz Factory tour in Stuttgart. I think they said it was about a two-hour ride both ways. They enjoyed it but didn’t come back until late in the afternoon.

    In the evening we took vans to the Pudelstein Hut – in the Black Forest – threw axes at balloons, hammered nails into a stump, and tried to have the fastest time to saw off a part of a log, and had accordion music and ate dinner in the hut – all kinds of ethic local foods – very good.

    On our free night in Munich we ate at Augustiner’s for dinner. It is on one the main pedestrian streets not far from the Marienplatz. We have been there three times now. Go to the lovely courtyard in the back of the restaurant.

    I see this year you take a train from Dresden to Berlin. Good idea! Last year we were bused to Berlin and were stuck in a long traffic jam.
  • Germany is one of the country I really wanted to go. Even though Im a fan of basket ball, since im from Chicago, soccer is fun too. And my favorite club is Bayern... if you go Germany you should watch soccer match.
  • I will be on the July 9,2022 tour of Romantic Germany. Arriving via British Air from Nashville>LHR>Frankfurt on July 8. Hope to book a "FrankfurtonFoot" walking tour for July 9 before the welcome reception. I am a solo traveller, this will be my 3rd Tauck trip and I will be taking a Tauck river cruise from Amsterdam on July 24, 2022.

  • Jill Boyle we’re on that trip on June 6 and also have booked a Frankfurt on Foot walking tour the morning before the welcome reception. Rescheduled from 2020, can’t wait.

  • We did FrankfurtonFoot in 2017- they were great. Our guide was Jo, who along with her husband Dave, founded and ran the company back then.

    That is Jo in on the left.

  • AlanS, here’s our photo from today of Jo on the “locks” bridge (sorry if it posts sideways, can’t figure out why). She was terrific, thx for the recommendation.

  • Glad you enjoyed your tour! It looks like she is carrying the same bag! :D

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    Jill Boyle, we’re just finishing that trip, our guide is Stephen Fisher…very pleasant and so knowledgeable about the history and culture of the country. We only had 22 people on the tour which made it easy to get to know everyone.

    Hotels were fabulous except for the one in Oberammergau (Tauck has no choice for that one), and the one after a day in Rothenburg left a lot to be desired…we were put in a building across the street, clean and comfortable but not up to Tauck’s standards (hopefully Stephen can resolve that before your trip). Great breakfasts, Tauck arranged dinners are very good; go to Sophienskeller in Dresden and Sagrantino in Berlin when you’re on your own.

    I think you’ll really enjoy the trip if you’re interested in Germany, it’s a beautiful country. Lots of bus riding but we covered so much ground.

    It will be a great trip primarily since Stephen is the TD for the next two, he is really terrific. Have fun!

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    We were "lucky" (I guess? :D ) we stayed right in middle of Rothenburg. The hotel was right next door to a wonderful "Christmas House." I said "lucky" because the quaint, old, hotel didn't have AC or it wasn't working very well. We had to open the windows. It finally cooled down that night.

  • AlanS, unfortunately that hotel in Rothenburg went bankrupt during Covid. But 3 of our other hotels had no AC. Not too big a deal. We’ve had perfect weather until today when it was in the high 90’s in Berlin.

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