Wild Alaska Difficulty Rating

When reviewing the difficulty rating for the Wild Alaska tour, rated at 4 and pace 4, I've become concerned. I have some heart problems but can walk 2-3 miles at slightly more than casual pace, a mile in 20 minutes. Someone posted that it should not be rated at difficulty 4. I'd like to see some confirmation from another writer on this. It would seem from the trip description we will be walking on fairly level ground around the lake. It doesn't mention any other walking or strenuous hiking.


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    I'm sorry I can't help because I have not been on the tour, but you say you can do a twenty minute mile and that sounds pretty fit to me. I just don't understand why Tauck rates some of the tours the way they do. I would call Tauck land ask them, don't just let them read direct from the tour page but see if someone there has been on the tour and Has real first hand experience. I can't recall any of the regulars on the forum mentioning they have taken this tour, but I hope they have and they can reply to you.

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