Tanzania: A Grand Family Safari Aug 9, 2017 to Aug 18, 2017

Me and my family will be on the Tanzania: A Grand Family Safari
Aug 9, 2017 to Aug 18, 2017. I will be traveling with my wife and two girls aged 16 and 19. We are very excited for this trip. I'm curious if anyone else from our group is reading these forums, and who we will be traveling with.


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    Hi! We will be on this trip, too. I'll be traveling with my husband, three children (ages 8,13, & 15), and my in-laws. We're from Virginia. How about you? Quite the exciting trip we have ahead! :)
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    I will be on this trip with my two granddaughters ~ 12 yrs. and the other celebrating her 13th birthday on our trip. We are from Austin, TX and love traveling with Tauck Bridges.....

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    Also, we are stopping in Amsterdam for a few days so that I can catch my breath before heading out on our trek up Kilimanjaro, our first game drive, etc. We're arriving in Arusha on the evening of the 8th. Thinking about doing the horseback ride on the morning of the 9th......
    We'll see you around the pool after lunch on the 9th.

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    Hello Peggy and KatMA! We are from Birmingham, Michigan (near Detroit). We are also excited to go on our first Safari! Good idea to spend a couple of days in Amsterdam. We get in late on the 9th after 20 hours of travel.
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    For people reading this forum in the future, it really is a good idea to arrive minimum of one day early, especially as the Delta flight into Amsterdam canbe late arriving and there is only one flight a day. We nearly missed it once and our luggage did, but we arrived two days early and our luggage was on the flight 24 hours later. You also need to adjust to the time difference and prepare yourselves for pre dawn wake up times.
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    We will take this tour in summer of 2018. Can someone tell us how it went? Highlights? Low lights?

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    Africa18 When are you going this summer? My granddaughter age 15 will be with me on the trip June 17
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    My husband and I ( from Virginia) will be on this trip with our niece and her family (from NY) including two children, ages 11 and 14. Looking forward to it.
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