Wildfire smoke

August 17, 2017 tour....Is anyone concerned about the health risk associated with the smoke from the wildfires????


  • Hi:

    I had the same concern, as we are going on this trip next month. Below is the reply I just got to an email I sent earlier this week:

    Thank you for your email. Sadly, wildfires have been a part of touring in this region over the past number of years. As a result, we are in constant communication with our Tauck Directors traveling with groups and our suppliers throughout the region.

    It is important to understand that smoke conditions change based on which way the wind is blowing, rain conditions and air currents based on proximity to the mountains. Over the past weeks there have been days with smoke and lower visibility but nothing that has changed normal activities. Rain has helped the situation in some areas as well.

    As a precaution, guests with health concerns may wish to keep outdoor exercising at a minimum or consult their health care provider about their personal health concerns. Smoke haze may continue to come and go throughout the next few weeks and it’s not possible to know when it will affect visibility.

    At the current time, based on the information we have received, we will operate all upcoming departures as scheduled.

    We continue to monitor any developments and will provide an immediate update if there are changes.

    Kind regards,

    Tracy Goncalves
    Guest Services| Tauck

    p: 203-899-6500|

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